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MO General Assembly on Spring Break, Tensions Remain High in the Senate

Missouri lawmakers headed home March 17 to begin their annual spring break. The week-long break could not have come at a better time for the Missouri Senate as tensions remained high after a controversial procedural move was used to end a 39-hour filibuster and force a vote on SJR 39 the week before. Work on the Senate floor stalled again for the second week in a row, with no bills being passed out of the Senate. In the past two weeks, the Senate has passed just one bill, SJR 39.

The House continued its work voting out a number of bills before adjourning March 17. The build up of House bills moving over to the Senate continues to grow. The majority of bills supported by Heartland Credit Union Association (HCUA) are in the Senate and waiting to be assigned to committee or be brought up for debate on the floor.

The Missouri General Assembly returns to Jefferson City on Tuesday, March 29. It's expected the Senate will begin work on the state's $27.1 billion operating budget upon return, and the House will continue work on House bills.

Actions on Bills of Interest - Week of March 14

FHLB Bill Voted out of the House

The Missouri House voted 141-10 to pass HB 2397 on March 17. The bill provides rights to Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB) members when insurance companies fall into delinquency proceedings and creates procedures in conjunction with the establishment of a receiver during a delinquency proceeding. The language is intended to provide clarity and brings Missouri in line with federal law.

HB 2397 is sponsored by Rep. Lincoln Hough (R-District 135).

House Amends, Perfects, Bill  to Clarify Vehicle Service Contract Refunds

A bill intended to clarify a vehicle service contract refund may go to the lender who financed the contract was amended to include new regulations for tow truck companies before being Perfected in the Missouri House March 16. The amendment authorizes the Missouri Highway Patrol to utilize a tow management company to provide a list of towing companies. The bill as amended now needs one final vote in the House before moving on to the Senate.

HCUA spoke in support of the underlying bill, HB 1976, during the committee stage. The bill is sponsored by Rep. Denny Hoskins (R-District 54).

Bill Modifying Security Freezes on Credit Reports Passes the House

HB 1618 modifies current law dealing with security freezes on credit reports, including for minors, HB 1618 was amended during committee to remove a prohibition on charging a $5 fee to freeze a consumer's credit. There was concern removing the $5 fee would increase the costs on financial institutions and other lenders who access credit reports.

The bill passed the Missouri House 151-2 on March 17, and it is sponsored by Rep. John McCaherty (R-District 97).

Missouri Legislative Bill Tracker - Week of March 21, 2016

Click here for a list of all the bills HCUA Advocacy is tracking in the Missouri legislature. The deadline to file bills has passed. No further bills may be introduced by the House or Senate.