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National Youth Week Store Launches Online

Missouri credit unions can take part in National Credit Union Youth Week at a discounted rate. The Credit Union National Association (CUNA) recently launched its National Credit Union Youth Week™ online store and is providing early-bird prices for credit unions. The 2012 Youth Week takes place April 22-28.

Through March 9, credit unions can save 10 percent on print materials to promote the “Be a Credit Union Super Saver™” theme and events, financial education materials to introduce money concepts to youth, fun items to reward young savers and apparel to dress the part in April. Discounts of up to 10 percent apply to standard items in inventory and bulk or customized orders.

Credit unions can also choose to participate in the nationwide Saving Challenge, in which hundreds of credit unions track youth savings deposits during the month of April. CUNA will award $100 cash prizes to youth at 10 of the participating credit unions.

“Participating in the Saving Challenge is a great way for individual credit unions to raise awareness about the importance of financial responsibility and the benefits of credit union membership on a national scale,” says Joanne Sepich, event coordinator. “Last year, participating credit unions reported more than 9,000 new accounts and savings deposits of $28.5 million. This is a prime opportunity to increase member involvement.”

For Youth Week and throughout April, credit unions can outfit staff in Super Saver two-color imprint T-shirts in adult and youth sizes. Credit unions save on the upgraded tee and can both select the color and customize by adding the credit union name. Available in five colors, the shirt features the Credit Union Super Saver dollar sign logo highlighted by a yellow lightning bolt across its front.

For updates on Youth Week, credit union staff may sign up for a free e-newsletter and visit

More Youth Week Offers from CUNA

  • Download Free Coloring Page - The Youth Week coloring page, a perennial favorite of young super savers, is ready for you on CUNA's website. Download the free art in either the JPEG or PDF formats.  If you wish to edit the coloring page, try the PDF format. After you save the PDF, you can use the snapshot tool to highlight any area you want to copy into an editing program (Tools, Select & Zoom, Snapshot Tool, then highlight).
  • ​E-Scan Top Ten Trend: Young & Unaware - The E-Scan Report, which offers extensive insight into the credit union industry and is the most trusted resource for annual strategic planning sessions, released its top ten trends for 2012. Young & Unaware made the list at number five.  Nearly 70% of nonmembers ages 18 to 24 are “not at all familiar” with credit unions. No other age group has such a high level of unfamiliarity with credit unions.  Your credit union will need these young consumers for future loan and membership growth. You can use the Youth Week national marketing campaign as a basis for starting or growing your youth membership efforts. Find youth marketing resources (scroll down).
  • See How Credit Unions Celebrated Youth Week in 2011 - ​Click here.
  • Thrive by 5™ - ​A free website that provides simple activities and other resources to help parents teach pre-school age children about money.  Click here.