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Financial Fitness Day: The Influence of Reality Fairs

Financial Fitness Day is a little less than a month away! April 6 is a day dedicated to raising awareness and funds for the National Credit Union Foundation and state foundations, like Heartland Credit Union Charitable Foundation (HCUCF). These foundations support financial education initiatives that work towards helping credit unions improve the financial lives of credit union members and their communities. 

It's simple to participate in Financial Fitness Day - all you have to do is host a dress down day! The Foundation has created several resources, such as social media memes, updates, banners and newsletter articles, to help you promote and host a Financial Fitness Day at your credit union. 

One important aspect of Financial Fitness Day is financial education, including youth financial literacy. The Foundation and HCUCF help coordinate reality fairs, a hands-on experiential learning program for students intended to teach them about the financial challenges they will face in life after high school. This experience gives each student a scenario that includes a career and salary, then he or she must complete a budget sheet requiring him or her to live within the specified monthly salary while paying for basics such as housing, utilities, transportation, clothing, and food.

Through the support of credit union organizations, the Foundation is able to give out Experiential Learning Grants to help fund more reality fairs across the United States. This past year, they approved 12 new grants for 2015-2016 totaling $150,626, distributed to encourage credit unions to utilize programs such as reality fairs. View the Foundation's impact map to see Kansas and Missouri examples of how reality fairs help improve the financial future of the younger generation. 

None of this would be possible without supporters like you – your money helps to improve the financial future of thousands of kids!