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MO Media Highlights Alliance Credit Union, Kansas City Credit Union

Two credit unions in Missouri rang in the new year with media coverage. Alliance Credit Union was featured on a local television channel, while Kansas City Credit Union staffers hit the radio waves. Read below for more details.

Alliance Credit Union Shares the CU Difference

Alliance Credit Union (Fenton, MO) staffers recently shared the credit union difference via a community television channel. O’Fallon TV filmed the video spot in the credit union’s O’Fallon branch.

O’Fallon TV showcased the types of services that the credit union offers, including rates and promotions. It also provided a credit union staffer the opportunity to share how credit unions differ from banks.

“Credit unions are member-owned,” says Joe Chavarria, of Alliance Credit Union. “Everybody has a vote, a say in the credit union.”

Chavarria explained that credit unions are not-for-profit and return profits to members in the form of expanded services and better rates. He also noted how credit unions help their members save. Watch the video here.

Caption: Joe Chavarria assists a credit union member at Alliance Credit Union's O'Fallon branch. 

Kansas City Credit Union Talks Financial Education

On January 2, 2016, Kansas City Credit Union (KCCU) president, Eric Jones, and vice president, Marilyn Chappell spoke on "Financial Education" on 90.1 FM (KKFI). 

Financial education topics included:

  • Budgeting: How to create a budget, prioritize spending, setting financial goals, and more;
  • Loans:  How to establish credit, benefits of loans, how to use a loan to consolidate debt, and more; and
  • Credit cards and credit score: Types of credit cards, how credit card activity is reported to the credit bureaus, how is your FICO score calculated, and more.

“It was an extremely rewarding experience to take part in this broadcast, knowing that we were reaching thousands of people with the goal of educating those who are seeking help in how to budget their money, increase their credit score, and more," says Eric Jones, KCCU president. "It’s a great way to start off the new year."

To hear the entire broadcast, visit Kansas City Credit Union’s Facebook page here.

Caption: Pictured are (at left) Eric Jones, president of Kansas City Credit Union, and Marilyn Chappell, vice president of Kansas City Credit Union.