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This Holiday Season Help Your Members Give the Right Gift the First Time

Last winter, Time magazine released a story claiming the average American spends 14 hours shopping for holiday gifts. Yet that article also pointed out almost three-quarters were disappointed with a gift they received. Imagine spending the better part of a day shopping only to have the person not even like what you gave them. Most of these disappointing holiday gifts get put aside somewhere and forgotten, usually still partially wrapped. The rest will be re-gifted or donated if there’s no receipt to return them for cash. All that time wasted. All those expectations being let down. Happy holidays indeed.

You know members want to give their loved ones a gift they’ll truly appreciate and get to enjoy. Credit unions can provide the simple answer – gift cards. We live in a fast-paced, digital, online world where time is money. And that’s exactly what everyone wants more of – time and money. With a gift card, members can give their loved ones both!

Gift cards might be the most thoughtful gift your members can give. Plus by advising your members to give gift cards to everyone on their list, you’re saving them time and relieving them of the stress of fighting crowds, scouring the internet for deals, and wrestling with wrapping paper and awkwardly shaped boxes. They won’t even need to ask for a gift receipt. Your members are busy people too. They’ll appreciate being able to knock out all their holiday shopping in about four minutes at your credit union, as opposed to 14 hours in the mall.

If your credit union isn’t stocked up on holiday gift cards or needs help getting ready for the season, gift cards are always available through LSC®. If you’re already a customer you can order through Prepaid Access. If your credit union doesn’t have a gift card program, LSC® can help you with that too! Just call the Holiday Helpers at (800) 304.2273, option 4 or email them at

As an added bonus, if you order holiday gift cards right now through November 30, 2015, LSC® will provide free holiday themed card holders to include with your first 25 cards purchased. That’s one more way your credit union can make your members’ holiday gift giving festive and bright!