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Vantage Credit Union Reaches Out in September and October

Prostate Cancer Awareness Month
Vantage Credit Union (Bridgeton) employees embraced September as Prostate Cancer Awareness Month by raising funds for a local charity dedicated to enlightening the public about prostate cancer. The credit union hosted a food day fundraising event September 30, and recently presented a check for $564 to the charity, The Empowerment Network.

The Empowerment Network is a nonprofit organization incorporated eight years ago to efficiently and effectively reach populations of uninsured and underinsured males and their families who are diagnosed or undiagnosed. The mission is to heighten awareness of prostate and related cancers; increase PSA testing/screening; provide treatment referrals, education, resources and support; and increase volunteerism.

“As with any cancer, early detection is always the best protection,” says Mellve Shahid, President of The Empowerment Network. “We’re so appreciative of Vantage Credit Union’s continued support and encourage all men to get checked early and often.”

Classroom Contest
Brandon Gray, Vantage Credit Union Business Development Specialist, recently presented Timberly Mygatt with a ceremonial check in the amount of $500 at the credit union’s Twin Cities Branch. Mygatt’s name was selected from nearly 60 entries in a local classroom competition. Qualifying educators submitted ideas for classroom enhancements for a chance to win $500, to be used at their discretion. Vantage has been an active supporter of the educational community since its inception in 1957.

Mygatt, a preschool teacher in the DeSoto School District, worked together with fellow teachers on submission ideas.

“We were so excited about the funds, we instantly started brainstorming ideas for the $500,” exclaims Mygatt. “We wanted something that would impact the school as a whole, and there is a real need for easy access to age-appropriate books.” 

With the winnings, Mygatt plans to start a book exchange at the school to give young readers access to more reading options, and increase literacy and fluency, an idea which will benefit the entire school and students for years to come.

Vantage Credit Union congratulates Mygatt and wishes her and her fellow teachers all the best in instituting their book exchange.