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CU Magazine Spotlights Carole Wight

Congratulations to Carole Wight, President of Holy Rosary Credit Union, on being named a CU Rock Star! Credit Union Magazine recently featured the 2015 CU Rock Stars in the publication.

“My job allows me to live out my religious philosophy of helping those who need help,” she says. “The work is hard, but I believe this is where I’m supposed to be.”

Wight is very passionate and active in the credit union industry, but she came very close to never becoming involved with credit unions at all. At first, she was apprehensive of working with people’s money—she turned down a job offer from Teachers Credit Union seven times before she accepted it.

Now Wight leads Holy Rosary Credit Union, and she works to expand educational, product and service offerings for members, most of whom fall below the poverty line. In addition to partnering with community organizations, she applies grants to further support the needs of the members and the community.

“Being president of Holy Rosary isn’t a job for her. It’s a way of life,” says her daughter Jena Wight, a summer intern in marketing at the credit union. “She lives the credit union philosophy and inspires others to do the same.”

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