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2015 Convention & Expo: Recapping Day Two & Three

Days two and three of the Missouri Credit Union Association’s (MCUA) Convention & Expo were filled with learning and networking opportunities. This was the 86th year that MCUA has hosted the Convention & Expo. 

First on the lineup for day two, Steve Happel, deemed the “Funny Economist” by attendees, entertained and updated attendees on the current state of the economy. He referenced demographics—there is roughly the same number of Millennials as there are Baby Boomers. The United States is one of the two advanced countries that have a large group of vibrant, young people who are beginning to take over.  

“The interesting thing is—and this has profound implications for credit unions—they’re starting to move out of their parents’ houses. They’re starting to form their own households,” says Happel. “It’s gradual, but the Census Bureau has seen a sharp pickup in the number of people moving out or planning to move out. I think that’s a very positive thing.”

Following Happel, John McKechnie, of Total Spectrum, gave an overview on current issues and working with Congress, the National Credit Union Administration and the Consumers Financial Protection Bureau.

Next up, Jason Boles, of Fans Created, challenged attendees to shake up how they do things at their credit unions. He reminded them that the days of turning on the open sign and make money are over—credit unions have to earn their members’ business. He suggested that credit unions take a closer look at their organization, processes and staff.

“You are more emotionally connected to your credit union than your members are,” says Boles. “We can be blind to our deficiencies.”

He asked attendees to hold people—credit union staff and leadership—accountable for delivering the credit union difference to members. He stated credit unions should move past intentions and be action-oriented.

“Get your house in order before you invest in marketing,” says Boles. He suggested credit unions revisit their commitment to sales and services. 

Day two had two sets of breakout sessions. The first set included topics:

  1. Exciting Trends in Auto Purchasing – Angie Anderson
  2. Leadership Has Evolved – Jason Boles
  3. What can CDFI Certification Mean to Your Credit Union? – Pablo DeFillipi

The second set of breakout sessions included:

  1. Battle for the American Consumer Loan – Karim Habib
  2. The Impact of Credit Union Advocacy – Amy McLard
  3. Brand Animation – Matt Purvis

The day ended with an exhibitors’ reception.

Day three began with an awards breakfast honoring the 2015 (state-level) winners of the Dora Maxwell Social Responsibility Award, Louise Herring Award for Philosophy in Action and the Desjardins Financial Education Award (adult and youth). Click here for a list of the winners.

After breakfast, Matt Purvis addressed the crowd on innovation and the many ways it can be a disruption and a renewal.

“It’s about how you manage it. There are no clear paths here. This completely unchartered territory,” says Purvis.

Purvis cautioned against too much routine and groupthink. In order to get a different perspective, he encouraged attendees to try nontraditional resources and nontraditional vendors. 

“Always remember that there is a better way—you just have to figure it out,” says Purvis.

The 2015 Convention and Expo closed with inspirational speaker, Jim Morris, whose life story was the inspiration behind the Walt Disney film “The Rookie.” As a 35-year-old high school teacher/baseball coach, he made a bet that he would try out for the big leagues if his team won a district championship. When his team won, he followed through with his promise, he tried out and made it to the big leagues.

In addition to his inspirational life story, Morris shared great advice on the crowd. 

“If you’re going from point A to point B, you’re going to make mistakes,” says Morris. “If you’re making mistakes, you’re trying to accomplish something. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.”

He stated that he liked credit unions because they are family oriented. He also had a request for credit unions.

“You help people every single day. Keep helping people. Be the mentors they need,” says Morris. 

Caption (top): Pictured are credit union leaders, volunteers and staffers during the annual awards breakfast. 

Caption (middle, top): Jason Boles makes a case for changing your perspective, especially when it comes to problem-solving - like peeling a banana from the other end.

Caption (middle, bottom): Matt Purvis references a slide during his talk regarding innovation.

Caption (bottom): Don Cohenour, MCUA president, and Jim Morris pose for a picture.


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