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MCUA/KCUA Consolidation: Return Voting Credentials Before September 18

On October 6, 2015, your credit union will have the opportunity to vote regarding the proposed consolidation of the Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA) and the Kansas Credit Union Association (KCUA). The vote will take place during the annual business meeting. If your credit union is unable to attend the annual business meeting, you may also vote electronically. Each credit union will have one vote. 

To vote, your credit union MUST complete the application for voting credentials. This form, voting procedures, plan of merger and articles of incorporation are available here. Please indicate your method of voting (in-person or electronically).

Voting credentials must be returned by September 18, 2015. Please send these in one of three ways:

1. Email
2. Fax – 314.542.1320
3. Mail –  Missouri Credit Union Association
    Attn: Pat Behnen
    2055 Craigshire Road, Ste. 200
                 St. Louis, MO 63146
You will receive verification via email or phone that MCUA has received your voting application. Please contact Pat Behnen via email or 314.542.1332 if you do not receive confirmation within a week of your submission.

Learn More at Town Hall Meetings

Marla Marsh, KCUA CEO, and Don Cohenour, MCUA CEO will be conducting statewide town hall meetings. They will review the benefits and components of the new association. You will learn: 

  • Why this consolidation is so important at this time
  • Structure of the new organization and timeline for consolidation
  • Governance and how to volunteer for leadership positions
  • New and enhanced product/service offerings
  • Projected dues schedule for 2016
  • CEO search process

Please register for one of the town hall meetings: