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Bank On More, Credit Unions Host Financial Crash Course for College Students

On August 11-12, Bank On More and credit union volunteers gave Metropolitan Community College (MCC) students a crash course on personal finance with the Speed Savings event. This was the financial education portion of MCC-Longview’s new student orientation program.

“Bank On More’s Speed Savings event challenged students to start thinking about their financial future—whether that’s establishing a credit history or planning for student loans,” says Liz Adams, MCUA SVP of Member Relations. “It also provided credit unions the opportunity to begin a dialogue with students about credit unions.”

Credit union volunteers talked about credit cards, credit scores, budgeting and student loans with more than 800 students. As financial experts, these volunteers offered helpful advice, and they showed a keen understanding of why this event was beneficial to students.  

"When young people understand their finances, the world doesn't seem quite as daunting," says Jovan Poursamadi, volunteer.

Every 20 minutes, a group of students would come to the Speed Savings room. They visited stations tackling financial topics: managing student loans, improving your credit score, budgeting and credit card management. Credit union experts were at each station and explained the topic in short, three-minute intervals. Once a student funneled through all the stations, they were eligible to win an iPad, sponsored by Bank On More.

“The Speed Savings event is valuable because many kids leave high school without the tools to manage an adult financial life or make big decisions concerning student loans and credit cards,” says Kurt Albin, credit union volunteer. “Although 12 minutes is not enough time to create true financial literacy, we give the kids an idea of what they need to know and create a positive impression for credit unions as being a trusted resource for financial advice.”

We would like to thank all of the wonderful volunteers from the following credit unions: CommunityAmerica, Heartland Community, Mazuma and United Consumers.

Upcoming Speed Savings Event – Springfield

There’s another opportunity for credit unions to participate in a Speed Savings event—this time in the Springfield area! On September 16, Bank On More will take part in the resource fair from 12-6 p.m. at Ozark Technical College’s Springfield campus, 1001 E Chestnut Expressway, Springfield, MO 65802.

We encourage local credit unions to participate. If you would like to volunteer, send an email to Sharon Bahr. Please specify any time constraints.

Caption (top): Credit union experts teach students the importance of personal finance... in three-minute intervals. 

Caption (middle): The awesome credit union volunteers from the first day of Speed Savings. 

Caption (bottom): Pictured are credit union experts who volunteered on the second day.