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Neighbors Credit Union Hosts Retirement Seminar

On July 29, 2015, Neighbors Credit Union hosted an Investment Seminar at the Affton Community Center in South County.

The seminar was conducted by Joel Peirce, Financial Advisor at Neighbors Investment Services. The seminar explained how you should invest your long-term dollars in order to meet your retirement lifestyle goals. Joel explained through “Your Retirement: TBD” how to spread your long-term investment dollars through Traditional, Behavioral, and Disciplined Financing, through allocating, diversifying, and rebalancing your assets.

Each of the 12 guests received information on how to obtain their ideal retirement goal through investing. Neighbors Credit Union offers several seminars throughout the year that hit on a variety of topics like investing or credit reports. The credit reports seminar is coming up in August.

For more information on the upcoming credit report seminars, please visit

Caption: Joel Peirce, Financial Advisor, discusses investment topics during Neighbors Credit Union’s seminar on July 29, 2015.