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Electro Savings Sponsors Federal Reserve Field Trip

Electro Savings Credit Union (St. Louis) recently hosted a field trip for residents of Marygrove Children’s Home to the museum inside the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. The Inside the Economy™ Museum immersed the youth in a one-of-a-kind experience that explained the economy and their role in it. The exhibit engages visitors in a fun and interactive way with a hands-on journey through nearly 100 exhibits that are brought to life through interactive displays, games, sculptures and videos.

The young visitors related their personal experiences on their trip:

  • “I really loved the experience of learning about money. It made me want to save up my money to buy something important for my life.” ~ Jessica
  • “I learned how to manage my money and how not to spend it all at one time.” ~ Margaret
  • “I learned about stock and how to manage money. It was fun!” ~ Jala
  • “I really liked the selling and buying game that I got to play while there.” ~ Charlene
  • “I learned about selling high and buying low. I also learned that a million dollars is a lot in real life!” ~ Takala
  • “I really liked the buying and trading game!” ~ Shay

"This field trip was the perfect culminating activity to weeks of discussions and activities about the functions of money," says Lisa Farnen, Vice President of Marketing at Electro Savings. "The information was overwhelming but the experience of being inside of the Federal Reserve Bank, and learning that money is not just earning it and spending it, will be a lasting impression on the youth who participated."

Photo: Shaheed is intrigued by one of the many exhibits inside of the museum. This particular exhibit shares fun facts about banking laws and regulations, and the effects of their implementation.