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Mazuma's Social & Brand Specialist Shares Facebook, Twitter Insights

Mazuma Credit Union’s (Overland Park, Kan.) fun and friendly social media presence has resonated with members of the community, while capturing national attention. Recently, the Credit Union Times highlighted the credit union's social media successes and interviewed Kim Funari, Mazuma’s brand and social specialist. Funari is the person behind all of Mazuma's engaging tweets and Facebook posts.

Funari has the same challenges and opportunities as other community credit unions, so the Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA) asked her to share some insights on common questions credit unions have regarding social media. 

MCUA: What is your process for planning/creating social media posts?

Funari: We have a calendar for blog posts that constitutes a collaborative effort between the Mazuma Brand Team and our partners at BYM Agency. The calendars are put together a month or more in advance so that we have time to get everything ready to go. That said, the calendar can get tossed at a moment’s notice if there’s something noteworthy that we’d like to talk about (like the Royals).

As far as Facebook goes, I’ll post links to blog content when we have new content to share. Otherwise, it’s left open to whatever feels right at the time – I try not to over-plan it too much so that it feels fresh and immediate. I can’t imagine trying to do a social calendar for twitter beyond lining up a few tweets on Sprout (or HootSuite, or whatever social management tool you use). It would defeat the purpose of the entire platform.

MCUA: Where do you look for content ideas/inspiration? 

Funari: At Mazuma, we’re fond of Mayhem (the spokesperson for Allstate) and Demetri Martin. When it comes to MazumafyKC content, we’re always looking around town for anything that sparks interest or conversation. Kansas City is our inspiration. 

MCUA: Why do you think weekly meetings and collaboration are important to creating content that resonates with your fans?

Funari: Collaboration is absolutely necessary, I think. It’s the only way to get outside of my own zone and find out what other people think is funny or worth talking about as opposed to relying solely on my own personal tastes.

MCUA: What are some of your best practices for Facebook? Twitter?

Funari: Facebook - try to get something up every couple of days, but don’t overwhelm people's news feeds, and don’t boost more than one thing at a time. Know what your priority is, and put your money behind it. 

Twitter - be topical, be funny, and don’t be afraid to throw your opinion in the mix or interact with people. It’s amazing how much interest you can get just for doing something small, like commiserating with people waiting through a rain delay at the baseball stadium. 

MCUA: What types of content do the best on Mazuma’s social media platforms?

Funari: Our best blog posts have been Kansas City focused, usually capturing some aspect of the conversations that are already going on in the office or wherever. So when everyone’s talking about the Royals, we do too. When we realize that there are people teasing each other about who’s the most hipster, we work with that. When we get it right, the audience comes, reads, reacts, and shares it with their friends.

MCUA: In your opinion, what is one thing a credit union can do to increase engagement on their social media platforms?

Funari: Be honest. If you can’t imagine sharing a piece of content on your personal social media, there’s probably no incentive for anyone else to care, either. So go back to the drawing board and try again.