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BluCurrent’s Gary Kirk Named Trailblazer 40 Below

Congratulations to Gary Kirk, executive vice president at BluCurrent Credit Union, for being named the latest Credit Union Times' Trailblazer 40 Below. Credit Union Times describes a Trailblazer 40 Below as a young credit union executive who works at warp-speed to better the future of the credit union industry. 

Nearly a decade ago, Kirk started working at BluCurrent Credit Union (Springfield) as a part-time teller, and two years later was promoted to vice president in 2007—at the age of 24.

He offers this advice to those looking to advance their careers.

“Never miss a chance to be mentored by others and take those educational opportunities as they present themselves, even if they’re in other departments in the organizations,” says Kirk. “I’ve always been willing to step up and volunteer to do the projects or jobs others won’t, and it’s paid off.”

In his current position, Kirk’s responsibilities span from human resources to accounting/finance to training/development. He counts himself fortunate, as BluCurrent invests in talent development.

“Our culture here supports learning and growth, so our approach is that we’re training our replacements,” he said. “Empowering staff allows us to move forward. Leaders have a desire to progress and do more, which is what we want. That's why it's so important that we help everyone get to where they want to be personally and professionally.”

Credit Union Times also reported that Kirk would like to see more people coming together and working for the greater good across the credit union industry.

“If we can quit looking at each other as the competition and focus instead on ways to be more impactful together, who knows what good we can deliver or what we collectively can accomplish,” he said. “We view every credit union as a partner. What can we learn, how can we work together to successfully reach the next generation, and how can we shift gears to stay ahead of our future competitors who don't operate in a regulated environment and can offer different products and services?”

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