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Facebook Shares How to Boost News Feed Presence

Facebook recently released an informative video of a session regarding News Feed. The session was recorded during last month’s Facebook Developer Conference (F8).

In the session, Lars Backstrom, News Feed manager, explained how content is served to fans. He offered insights into the signals Facebook considers to identify the content that users love. Every single person’s News Feed is entirely unique.

There are three primary sets of signals that Facebook takes into account when determining what appears in a user’s News Feed:

  • Relationship to authors – Users see more content from the people (or businesses) they are closest to.
  • Content type – News Feed shows users the types of content they engage with more frequently. For example, if you comment or like photos more than videos, you’ll be served more photos.
  • Likes and comments – Obviously, engagement still plays an important role in what shows up in users’ News Feed. Facebook considers content with more comments, likes and shares to be of higher value and these posts will have a higher likelihood of being served in more users’ News Feeds.

Backstrom encouraged page admins to build for the long term. He suggested they be transparent with their fans and to truly understand what their audience wants. When pages connect with their fans, they will have a strong presence in News Feeds.

He shared these three tips:

  • Think about your audience. Develop your credit union’s voice and content strategy.
  • Provide context. For example, when you post links to news stories, let your audience know what to expect from the update.
  • Be timely and relevant. Backstrom stressed that people care what’s going on in the world around them. If you’re curious what’s trending on Facebook, you can check the “Trending” box to the right of your News Feed.

Watch the full session here.

Caption: Lars Backstrom stresses the importance of pages having a personality and voice.