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CMCCU Volunteers at Richmond Missouri High's Reality Fair

On Wednesday, February 18, 2015, several Central Missouri Community Credit Union (CMCCU) employees volunteered at Richmond High School for a Mad City Money activity. 

Mad City Money is a hands-on financial reality fair developed by the Credit Union National Association (CUNA), which helps high school students experience what life is like in the real world after graduation.

"We believe it is very important that we teach our children about real world finances, so they know how to budget the paychecks they will be getting," says Carol White, president/CEO of CMCCU. "A key part of budgeting for this generation will be figuring out how pay back student loans while handling all of their other daily living expenses."

Students received their "life scenario" right before entering the room. They faced the challenge of meeting their financial obligations and balancing their monthly budget. Depending on the life scenario they received, they may have had to consider a spouse and one or more children, children with no spouse, or another combination of responsibilities.

Each student moved through the program paying bills, buying household items, paying for daycare and/or insurance if needed, deciding on entertainment costs and getting financial advice. They quickly realized the challenging choices they had to make to meet their expenses and have a minimum of $100 in savings at the end of each payroll period. This was frequently complicated by unexpected events such as necessary family visits with travel costs and events with attached expenses.

The students had a lot of fun figuring out how they could plan their life wisely. Some ended up on top with extra cash to put in savings, while others had nothing left.

CMCCU's volunteers were grateful for the opportunity to bring financial education to the students and the school. 

Caption: A CMCCU volunteer assists a student during the Mad City Money event. 

Caption (bottom): Students contemplate what the best financial choices are for their life scenarios.