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Members Reveal the “Crush” They Have for Their Credit Union on Valentine's Day

Cupid struck members of Arsenal Credit Union (ACU) in an email campaign on Valentine’s Day, and many responded by sharing heartfelt sentiments of their own.

Below are some of the comments received, which illustrate how much of an impact that credit unions play in people’s lives.

  • “My love affair with ACU dates back more than 50 years, even older than my love affair with my husband, Ernie. It’s because of him that I hold great affection for you. When he came to work for [your original sponsor group] in 1958, he was totally broke, just out of college and needed money to live on. ACU generously granted him a signature loan to help him out. That’s when the affair started. We met in 1959 and married in 1960. So he knew you before I did. He passed away in 2012 but I’m still in love with ACU.”
  • “I applied for an auto loan with you. You guys not only financed my pre-owned auto, but showed me how to lower the interest on a car we already had financed with another lender with sky-high interest (from 15% to 4.5%). I am so glad I met you guys. I don't know what to do other than tell everyone I know about how well you work with people!!!!!”
  • “No big fees, lots of services… Easy to access to pay my bills. What else could I ask for in a ‘bank’!”
  • “The greatest thing about Arsenal is your staff members that I've gotten to know so well… I really enjoy the respect I get from your staff when I come in and I really appreciate the friendly smiles I see. The managers are also awesome and friendly. I hope to continue to receive all this appreciation for a much longer time period and hope to stay with Arsenal Credit Union.”
  • “I first opened my Arsenal Credit Union account in 1978 at one of the onsite branches. I left the country for 4 years and closed my account. Upon my return to the U.S.A., I thought I'd try a bank. I was not happy with that choice. I then remembered the great service and people of Arsenal Credit Union. I moved my money back to the credit union, and I'm here to stay.”
  • “When our vehicle died without warning & we needed another vehicle pronto, financing through Arsenal made it happen. We were able to get our vehicle quickly & not have the stress of trying to figure out how we were going to travel to/from work.”
  • “I was sold on the customer service I received from ur tellers.”
  • “We have appreciated the Arsenal Credit Union for 50 years because getting credit when we need it has been easy…”
  • “I have been with Arsenal CU for quite awhile. You financed the purchase of my first car in 1980 and I have been a faithful member... I have credit cards through the credit union and they have one of the lowest fixed interest rate available. Thank you Arsenal Credit Union for being there for me.”
  • “I receive friendly, professional assistance when needed. I also feel you care more about your customers than the $ they put in your establishment. You offer competitive rates for financing, and advice for savings. I feel my money is safe with you, no hidden charges. I have been a customer for a while. You guys are the bomb when it comes to personal banking. Thank you.”
  • “I enjoy banking with the credit union. I like that it does not operate like banks and the service has been excellent that I have received!”
  • “Yes I love you – there are real people, with real smiles and real brains to help you, no matter how many times they may have had the same questions. I have a Gruntled shirt from last year and it gets OODLES of attention – I visit California on a regular basis and got lots of questions on same. Southern Californians now know what Gruntled means, and who Arsenal Credit Union is and why I love ACU and always will.”
  • “It seems a little strange to think of ‘loving’ one's credit union, but here goes… With the interest earned on my savings accounts, etc., and the low interests paid on the several loans I have acquired, the absence of numerous unnecessary fees which banks charge, quick and happy responses to my telephone calls and transactions, the help received when encountering a scam from India, and any and all communications made, I am unreservedly happy with my relationship with The Arsenal Credit Union. Perhaps then it's not so ‘strange’ to be loving one's Credit Union, especially if it is the Arsenal Credit Union.”
  • “I love you guys too. Everyone is so helpful and really nice. No comparison to other places.”