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MCUA Encourages Credit Unions to Upgrade to Internet Explorer 11

The Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA) recognizes that browser compatibility can be imperative to business operations. Updating your browser, such as Internet Explorer (IE), to the latest version could also mean less security risks and a boost in speed of the browser.

Web browser versions get updated regularly and during that time new features are often added. These features typically enhance the user's experience or make browsing more convenient. These added features can also support new web technology and most importantly fix potential security holes that may have existed previously. Internet Explorer even has a compatibility mode that allows users to browse as if they were using an older version. This is handy because not all websites will display properly in the latest browser version. 

Here at MCUA, our event registration system is most compatible with Internet Explorer 11, the latest major release. To achieve a successful experience, please update your web browser. If you happen to be on an earlier version such as Internet Explorer  9 or 10, you may run into a few kinks that will require you to contact us to complete a successful registration.

To determine which version of Internet Explorer you are running:

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Click the cogwheel at the very top right of the window
  3. Select "About Internet Explorer"

The version number will be present on the first line. If you are running earlier versions of the browser, we encourage you to update. If the credit union's policies don't allow you to do this on your own, we encourage you to contact your IT department and request an update.

For more information about Internet Explorer 11, click here.