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MMPA Fix A Top Priority for MCUA in 2015 State Legislative Session

State lawmakers start the 2015 legislative session in Jefferson City on January 7, and a bill intended to clarify the exemption for credit unions from the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act (MMPA) is a top priority for the Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA).  The bill, HB 256, makes two changes to the MMPA.  One makes it clear that entities – including credit unions – have an existing exemption from the MMPA’s penalty provision (section 407.025.1).  The second is additional clarification that credit unions and banks are exempted from the MMPA (section 407.020.2(3)) – so long as they fall under a regulatory authority and regular periodic examinations. 

“This clarification is needed because inconsistent and contradictory sections in the MMPA have created confusion in the courts, resulting in drastic implications to credit unions,” says David Kent, director of state legislative affairs for MCUA.  “The intent of HB 256 is to make it clear that credit unions are exempt from the MMPA, as there are already ways for consumers to address these issues outside of the MMPA.”

Representative Tony Dugger (R-District 141) (pictured) – who is Chair of the House Financial Institutions Committee –is the sponsor of the bill.

“MCUA is very appreciative to Representative Dugger for sponsoring this legislation,” adds Kent.  “Tony is very well-respected by members of both parties, and being the Chair of the House Financial Institutions Committee he is well-versed on credit union and financial services issues.”

MCUA will continue to provide updates on HB 256 throughout the legislative session.  If you have any questions, please contact Amy McLard, Senior Vice President of Advocacy, at or 314-542-1370, or David Kent, Director of State Legislative Affairs at or 314-542-1343.

Other Bills of Interest

MCUA is tracking and monitoring a number of bills already introduced, with more anticipated throughout the 2015 state legislative session.  MCUA is also working on additional potential legislation.  So far, there are several bills with potential impact to credit unions in Missouri, including:

  • Vehicle Titles (HB 68) – Allows an auto dealer up to 21 days to transfer title to the owner.
  • Robbery of a Financial Institution (HB 254) – Simplifies the definition of robbery - “…property is taken or attempted to be taken physically from an individual person…”.
  • Electronic Lien Release (has not been filed) - This bill will allow a lien holder to electronically release the lien on a motor vehicle, boat, or trailer IF the lien was filed electronically.

For information on state legislative issues please contact Amy McLard at or 314-542-1370, or David Kent at or 314-542-1343.

Missouri General Assembly 2015 Session Information

The state legislative session starts on January 7 and is scheduled to run through May 15.  This gives the legislature approximately 90 working days to develop and pass legislation. Lawmakers have filed nearly 550 bills since December 1, which was the first day lawmakers could pre-file legislation in advance of the session.

SAVE THE DATE:  2015 Advocacy Meeting in Jefferson City

The 2015 MCUA Advocacy Meeting takes place in Jefferson City on Monday, February 9, and Tuesday, February 10.  The two-day event will feature legislative visits, speakers, information sessions, and hot topic debates.  Registration is now open through the MCUA website by clicking here.

2015 State Legislative Key Dates


  • 7 - Session begins - 12 p.m..
  • 19 - Martin Luther King Day - Holiday-No Session


  • 9-10 – MCUA Annual Advocacy Meeting, Jefferson City, MO


  • 19 – Spring Break Begins
  • 30 – Spring Break Ends


  • 2 – Easter Break Begins
  • 7 – Easter Break Ends                     


  • 15 – Session Ends - 6 p.m..
  • 30 - Adjournment per Constitution


  • 16 - Veto Session