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Show-Me Scorecard Survey Due January 9

In advance of 2015 advocacy efforts, the Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA) is updating data for the Show-Me Scorecard, a brochure that credit union advocates provide federal and state lawmakers.

The Show-Me Scorecard illustrates the positive effects of credit unions in Missouri. It helps us share the credit union story with state and federal lawmakers, as well as members and potential members. However, credit union participation statewide is essential to accurately reflect the impact credit unions have on their communities and the people we serve. 

Please take a few minutes to participate in the Show-Me Scorecard survey. Responses are requested by January 9. Over the past few weeks, MCUA has sent communications about this survey only to credit union presidents. 

Click here to take the survey. 

This deadline will help us get the Show-Me Scorecard ready in time for MCUA's Annual Advocacy Meeting, February 9-10

To help assess the information needed for the survey, here’s a preview of the questions:

  1. Credit Union Name
  2. By the end of 2014, roughly how many members will have received financial counseling through your credit union?
  3. Estimate how many hours of financial counseling your credit union provided members in 2014.
  4. Including staff time, roughly how much will your credit union have spent (in dollars) on members financial education by the year-end of 2014?
  5. Estimate how many students will have participated in your financial education programs by the year-end of 2014.
  6. How many total classroom presentations will your credit union have sponsored and/or conducted at schools?
  7. By the end of 2014, roughly how many people (members and nonmembers) will have participated in the adults education programs held or sponsored by your credit union?
  8. How many adult financial education presentations were made by your credit union in 2014?
  9. By the end of 2014, how many hours will your credit union staff have volunteered (i.e. charitable organizations, tutoring, etc.)?
  10. Estimate the monetary value of those volunteer hours in 2014? (i.e. materials used, staff time, etc.).
  11. By the end of 2014, estimate the dollar amount your credit union will donate or raise for charitable causes.
  12. Does your credit union provide scholarship programs?
  13. If so, how many students received a scholarship from your credit union in 2014 (and/or had a continuing scholarship renewed)?
  14. Estimate the total dollar amount of scholarships provided by your credit union to students in 2014.

We also appreciate any member testimonials and photos for inclusion in the publication. This information illustrates the real people helped by the credit union difference. Thank you in advance for your participation in the Show-Me Scorecard.

Questions? Please contact Amy McLard, SVP of Advocacy, via email or phone, 800.392.3074, ext. 1370.

Caption: Pictured is the Show-Me Scorecard that was used during advocacy efforts in 2014.