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Bank On More Wins CU Journal’s Best Practices Award

Credit Union Journal awarded Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA) a 2014 Best Practices award for its efforts in raising credit union awareness through the Bank On More campaign.

“The Bank On More campaign is assisting us in fulfilling our mission of ‘making credit unions grow’ by informing the nonmember of the benefits of membership,” says Don Cohenour, president/CEO of MCUA. “In Missouri, it is beginning to make a difference.”

Credit Union Journal noted the formidable challenges that credit unions in Missouri face—58% of nonmembers had very little or no knowledge of credit unions and that the average age of members is 48-years-old.

But Bank On More has started to move the needle in the other direction.

“MCUA sought out the results from the target market after the first year of the campaign and found that favorability toward credit unions had increased by 15%, and 39% said they had heard, seen or read about credit unions recently,” writes Candice Reed, of Credit Union Journal.

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