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Bank On More Supports Small Business Saturday

On November 29, Bank On More celebrated Small Business Saturday by partnering with local coffee shops to give away free coffee in Springfield and St. Louis.

Small Business Saturday is a holiday that encourages people to “shop small” at locally owned businesses. In support of this effort, Bank On More bought coffee for the first 100 customers at Country Girls Espresso (Springfield) and La Cosecha (St. Louis).  

In Springfield, volunteers from Community Financial Credit Union waved passersbys toward Country Girls Espresso, a drive thru coffee kiosk. 

"Giving away coffee on Small Business Saturday was a fun way to share the credit union story!” says Vicki Owens, vice president of Communications for Community Financial Credit Union. “We loved the smiles and waves we received as people left the parking lot with their Bank on More-sleeved coffee cups.”

The owner of Country Girls Espresso, Michael Stone, noted that the business was a bit slow until the Community Financial volunteers started to wave people in. He said at the height of the event they served 70 coffees in a little over an hour.

For pictures of the event, visit Community Financial Credit Union’s Facebook page.

In St. Louis, volunteers handed out coffee sleeves and Bank On More literature to shoppers walking around in downtown Maplewood.

“We had a ton of great feedback from shoppers,” says Nora Holloway, PR and online community director for the Missouri Credit Union Association. “They truly appreciated the gesture and about half of the shoppers stopped to chat about credit unions. A number of them were already credit union members, but they were excited about the credit union finder on the Bank On More website. Several shoppers said they would share this resource with friends.”

For pictures of the event, check out Bank On More’s Instagram account.

Caption (top): Springfield shoppers line up for free coffee at Country Girls Espresso.

Caption (bottom): These ladies are caffeinated and ready to shop small in Maplewood (St. Louis).