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Meet Newly Elected Lawmakers During Freshman Orientation

Credit union leaders from across Missouri have a unique opportunity to meet newly elected lawmakers one-on-one before they officially take office. The Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA) invites credit union representatives to participate in a freshman orientation lunch with legislators on December 3 in Jefferson City.  Approximately 35 state lawmakers are scheduled to attend the event.  This includes freshman Missouri lawmakers who won election in 2014, staff members and sophomore legislators (who will begin their second term in 2015).   MCUA is hosting the lunch.

Here are the details:

  • Date:          Wednesday, December 3​
  • Time:         10:45 a.m.. Briefing for credit union attendees / 11:00 a.m..  Lunch  with Legislators​
  • Location:   Hearing Room 2, Basement Level of the State Capitol, Jefferson City​
  • Attire:        Business Attire​
  • Cost:          NO cost for credit union attendees to participate.​
  • RSVP:        Email David Kent at by December 1.  (RSVP required.) 

If you have any questions, please contact David Kent at or 314.542.1343

“This is an excellent way to meet with newly elected lawmakers and establish  or build on relationships before the session begins," explains MCUA SVP of Advocacy Amy McLard.  “We are excited that credit unions once again have the opportunity to be at the table with lawmakers for freshman orientation. We hope that credit union representatives statewide will take part - especially those that have new lawmakers representing their region.”

The following newly elected members of the House of Representatives are expected to attend the event:

  • Allen Andrews, Allen (R-District 1)
  • J. Eggleston (R-District 2)
  • Kevin Corlew (R-District 14)
  • Nick King (R-District 17)
  • Lauren Arthur (D-District 18)
  • Bill Kidd (R-District 20)
  • Rebecca Roeber (R-District 34)
  • Randy Pietzman (R-District 41)
  • Kip Kendrick (D-District 45)
  • Chuck Basye (R-District 47)
  • Travis Fitzwater (R-District 49)
  • Nathan Beard (R-District 52)
  • Jack Bondon (R-District 56)
  • Justin Alferman (R-District 61)
  • Alan Green (D-District 67)
  • Joe Adams (D-District 86)
  • Tracy McCreery (D-District 88)
  • Deb Lavender (D-District 90)
  • Cloria Brown (R-District 94)
  • Shamed Dogan (R-District 98)
  • John Wiemann (R-District 103)
  • Justin Hill (R-District 108)
  • Kirk Mathews (R-District 110)
  • Shane Roden (R-District 111)
  • Rob Vescovo (R-District 112)
  • Dan Shaul (R-District 113)
  • Becky Ruth (R-District 114)
  • Jason Chipman (R-District 120)
  • Patricia Pike (R-District 126)​
  • Jered Taylor (R-District 139)
  • Don Rone (R-District 149)
  • Andrew McDaniel (R-District 150)​
  • Tila Hubrecht (R-District 151)
















Pictured:  Incoming lawmakers meet with credit union representatives during a meal as part of the 2012 Freshman Tour.