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Facebook Graph Search Helps Find Influencers

The word influencers is heavily used in marketing articles—some might say overused—but it’s an important piece in finding out what and who your target audience really cares about.

Facebook recently fine-tuned its Graph Search—this is an excellent and free resource that can help identify your target audience’s key influencers.

What are influencers? For those new to marketing, influencers are people who are well connected and in-the-know. They are influential and looked to for advice, direction and knowledge. Their opinions are highly regarded among specific demographics. They often have a large and engaged social media following.

For example, Taylor Swift is a major influencer for women less than 30. She has 71 million Facebook fans and 46 million followers. 

I often argue that brands and publications can be considered influencers as well. Their marketing personalities are so informal and personal, they often connect with their audience in much the way individual influencers do.

How to Graph Search

  1. First, make sure you’re using Facebook as yourself not your page.
  2. If you’re looking for brand/celebrity influencers, start with “Pages followed by” then include specifics of your target demo. For example, you might type in “Pages followed by women age 22 years old who live in Springfield, MO.”
  3. If you’re looking for individual influencers, type in “People followed by” and add your target demo specs. This will populate results of all the accounts of individuals who are followed by your target demographic.

If you want even more specific results, you can filter down through options on the far right such as page type (think categories like book, high school, etc.) and liked by friends.

I encourage you to play around with this feature and see what/who really matters to your target demographic. It might surprise you!