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MCUA Supported Candidates Sweep Election

Credit union advocates joined other voters in heading to the polls on November 4 and a number of credit union friends were elected. Out of the 104 candidates supported by the Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA), 100 won their respective elections Tuesday. Several MCUA-supported candidates faced extremely tough races, with four of the eight winning. These include:

  • Rep. Caleb Rowden (R-District 44)
  • Rep. Dean Dohrman (R-District 51)
  • Senator-elect Paul Wieland (R-District 22)
  • Senator-elect Jill Schupp (D-District 24)

Representatives John Mayfield (D-District 20), Vicki Englund (D-District 94), Mike Frame (D-District 111) and T.J. McKenna (D-District 114) lost their bids for re-election.

For a full list of election results for MCUA supported candidates, click here. MCUA considered a number of factors when determining support for candidates, including their support for credit unions and credit union issues, if they held a position in leadership or served on a member of a committee of interest.

Election Results

Click here for a full list of election winners from the Missouri Secretary of State’s website.


All 163 House seats and even numbered districts in the Senate (17 of the 34 Senate seats) were up for election in 2014. Missouri's State Auditor was the only statewide office up for election, with incumbent Tom Schweich (R) facing no Democratic opponent.

Republicans in both chambers increased their veto-proof super majority. The House added 7 Republican seats to reach 117 (109 votes are needed to overturn a veto). The Senate added an additional Republican seat to hold 25 of the 34 available seats (23 votes are required to overturn a veto). In a surprise announcement, Linda Black (District 117), running unopposed as a Democrat, switched parties after Election Day.  She will now caucus with the Republicans, giving them a 118 majority.  This is the largest majority held by any party in Missouri's history.


All eight Congressional districts in Missouri were up for election and the incumbent won in each race. Neither of Missouri’s U.S. Senate seats were up for election this year. Here are the results of the Congressional district elections:

  • District 1:  William “Lacy” Clay (D)
  • District 2:  Ann Wagner (R)
  • District 3:  Blaine Luetkemeyer (R)
  • District 4:  Vicky Hartzler (R)
  • District 5:  Emanuel Cleaver (D)
  • District 6:  Sam Graves (R)
  • District 7:  Billy Long (R)
  • District 8:  Jason Smith (R)

“Credit union leaders and volunteers have worked very hard to share their credit union stories, and to relate how federal legislation could affect members in Congressional districts with these lawmakers,” says Amy McLard, SVP of advocacy for the MCUA. “We will be able to build on those efforts and continue to share the credit union difference with the re-elected members of Congress.”

After the Election – Taking Action

Following the election is a great time to start building relationships with new lawmakers, before the session starts in January. MCUA Advocacy encourages all credit union leaders and advocates to reach out to election winners in their local areas, send a congratulatory letter or email, and/or set up a 'meet and greet.’

MCUA Advocacy will work to contact newly elected legislators to provide information on credit unions and credit union issues. Please share if you have any personal contacts with lawmakers. If you would like to participate in meetings, contact David Kent, director of state legislative affairs for MCUA, or 314-542-1343.

“With so many new members in the Missouri House and Senate, it’s critical we get to work and start meeting with newly elected officials as soon as possible,” says David Kent, director of state legislative affairs for MCUA. “They may not know or understand credit unions, and we have to be out front talking about the credit union difference so they don’t hear misinformation from others.”

Federal lawmakers return to Washington, D.C. on November 11 for the “lame duck” session, and MCUA is working to schedule in-district meetings through year-end 2014. The new Congress will begin on January 3. The Missouri General Assembly begins on January 7.

For more information on federal races, contact Amy McLard by email or call 314-542-1370. For information on state races, contact David Kent by email or call 314-542-1343.​