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Kansas City Credit Union Hosts Biz Kid$ Viewing Party

Kansas City Credit Union, in partnership with the National Credit Union Foundation, LINC (Local Investment Commission) and the Kansas City Public School District, recently hosted a “Biz Kid$ Viewing Party”, which focused on financial literacy – in hopes of building students' economic educational skills.  Biz Kid$ is a credit union funded public television series that teaches kids about money management and entrepreneurship. It was a great opportunity for kids to learn about money, how to earn and save money, and how to become Biz Kid$, while parents learned the basics about savings accounts and easy ways to save money.

More than 90 students and their parents took part in the event. The evening consisted of a Biz Kid$ educational video being shown to both the students and their parents facilitated by Kansas City Credit Union's Vice President Marilyn Chappell.  This was followed by the students taking part in an applicable lesson plan, while the parents attended a separate basic savings seminar facilitated by KCCU’s Branch Leader, Ken Peirce.  “There is a great need in the inner city for financial literacy, so we deeply appreciated Kansas City Credit Union taking on this educational effort for the students and parents of Faxon Elementary” said Yolanda Robinson, Caring Communities site coordinator for LINC.

The evening concluded with the opportunity given to the parents to open a Kansas City Credit Union account, in addition to opening a KIDS CLUB account for their child.

Pizza, snacks, and giveaways were provided to the attendees. The evening was a huge success due to both the large turnout, and the active participation of the students and parents throughout the evening.

It was through NCUF that grant funds were provided to KCCU to fund this innovative program, in order to help improve the financial education of youth through the use of the Biz Kid$ program. “There is a need to improve the financial literacy skills of the youth in America and Biz Kid$ is the perfect vehicle to address that need,” said Danielle Brown, director of Development & Donor Relations for NCUF.

Photo: More than 90 students and their parents attended Kansas City Credit Union's Biz Kid$ "Viewing Party."