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The Psychology Behind Why People Share on Social

When it comes to social media, marketing professionals are constantly on the lookout for shareable content. Yet to do that, they need to understand why people feel compelled to share content on social media.

This infographic from CoSchedule* outlines the most common reasons people share something. Some of the factors were surprising. They include:

  • 49% Share to inform others of products they care about or change options/encourage action
  • 68% Share to give people a better sense of who they are/what they care about
  • 78% Share info online to stay connected to people they may not otherwise stay in touch with
  • 69% Share info to feel more involved in the world
  • 84% Share to support a cause or issues

What does this mean for your social media content?

First, always strive to bring value to your fans and followers. Before you hit publish, make sure that the content you put out there is truly worth your fans' time.

  • Consider incorporating actionable posts in your content calendar—this is perfect for credit unions because there are tons of financial topics they can weigh in on.
  • Keep things entertaining. Forget generic stock images! Look into custom graphics or charts. Websites like PicMonkey, Canva and have free options.

People like to share updates that reflect who they are and what they care about. Look at creating content or posting content that defines your fans/followers. For example, there might be an article about what kind of saver you are – very conservative, moderate or obsessive – people are drawn to content that they can identify with.

Also, think about peppering in content that ends with a question or promoting a good cause that resonates in your community. When you partner with local organizations, it reinforces that common bond your membership shares. And there’s loads of potential content there – blog posts, photos from events, opportunities for user generated content, etc.

Questions? Contact Nora Holloway, MCUA PR and Online Community director, via email or phone, 800.392.3074, ext. 1349.

*Data gathered through a New York Times study.