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Credit Unions Embrace SUV Sweeps, Reach Nonmembers

Bank On More’s SUV Sweepstakes has truly taken off! As we near the halfway point, more than 500 Missourians have either uploaded their photos to our Facebook page or shared it on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #bankonmore. The engagement on social media has been tremendous, with our ads and organic posts reaching more than 100,000 people on a weekly basis—with upwards of 1,200 engagements.

Credit unions throughout the state have put their own stamp on the SUV Sweepstakes, and the results are impressive!

At Horizon Credit Union, employees served up free food and offered a gas card promotion while hosting the backdrop, which added an extra layer of interest to passersbys.

“We had a great outpouring of community interest in our SUV Sweeps event,” says Janell Roth, loan officer for Horizon. “About 25 percent of our visitors were nonmembers, and the SUV Sweeps gave us an opportunity to create excitement at the branch level.”

At the end of the day, Horizon Credit Union boasted 120 entires and two new members. At lunchtime, two employees took the SUV cutout and visited former SEG groups to reach nonmembers. This provided them an opportunity to tie in their own gas card promotion for new members and referrals. 

In the southwest region, Joplin Metro Credit Union spread the word through the local newspaper and telling members about the event. They also served up free food and beverages to attract members and nonmembers to the backdrop.

To create even more excitement, they reached out to a local dealership to bring in two Jeep Compasses. A number of people stopped to check out the Jeeps.  

Joplin Metro hosted the backdrop for two days. On the first day alone, they noted that one person filled out a new member application and another person chatted with an employee about credit union solutions to paying down debt.

In Springfield, TelComm Credit Union strategically planned to host the contest during its car seat safety check event. The plan to promote the car seat event was already in place, so they just added the layer for the Bank On More SUV Sweepstakes.

“The Bank On More display was popular, and we had more than two dozen folks who entered to win the new SUV,” says Lori Johnson, vice president of Marketing and Business Development for TelComm Credit Union.

The car seat safety check earned media coverage, which also drew attention to the Bank On More SUV Sweeps. Two television stations shot footage at the event, and three news stories were written and displayed on the KY3, KSPR and Ozarks First websites. 

In Arnold, 93.7 The Bull held a live remote at American Eagle Credit Union, which helped drive nonmembers to the branch. Credit union staffers gave out popsicles, water and snacks, as well as other goodies. 

"More than 50 members and nonmembers stopped by the Bank On More event this past Saturday morning at our branch in Arnold," says Paula Anderson, vice president of Marketing and Retail Sales Support. "All were delighted about the chance to win the Jeep Compass and were even more impressed that credit unions across the state pulled together to offer this, complimenting us on our cooperative spirit. We’re looking forward to hosting the event again in October at our Barrett Station branch in Des Peres."

If your credit union is still due to host the backdrop, here are a few tips for drawing in nonmembers:

  • Tell members about the event - emails, signage or social media  
  • Possibly offer an incentive for members to bring nonmembers and receive a prize
  • Tell your friends and community about the event
  • Provide free food
  • Ask a local dealership to bring in a Jeep Compass for the event
  • Play music throughout the day
  • Give out fun giveaways – cups, bags, shirts, etc.

If you have any questions about the SUV Sweepstakes, please contact Halley Abbott via email or phone, 800.392.3074, ext. 1346.

Caption (top): The SUV Sweepstakes backdrop at Horizon Credit Union in Macon, Mo. 

Caption (middle): Joplin Metro Credit Union brought in a Jeep Compass to create excitement about the sweepstakes. 

Caption (bottom): TelComm Credit Union earned some screen time for the SUV Sweepstakes on local news stations.