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2014 Primary Election Results

Nine out of the 10 state candidates supported by the Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA) won their respective primary races on Tuesday, August 5. Eight of the nine, Senator Joe Keaveny (D-District 4) being the exception, face no opposition in the general election November 4.  This means eight are guaranteed to represent their district in the Missouri General Assembly in January. The lone defeat was incumbent Bonnaye Mims (D), who was defeated by a mere 17 votes in House District 27. For a full list of primary election results, click here.

The following are the nine candidates who won primary races and have demonstrated credit union support. All are incumbents.

  • House District 3 – Nate Walker (R)
  • House District 7 – Mike Lair (R)
  • House District 62 – Tom Hurst (R)
  • House District 74 – Sharon Pace (D)
  • House District 76 – Joshua Peters (D)
  • House District 77 - Kimberly Gardner (D)
  • House District 144 – Paul Fitzwater (R)
  • Senate District 4 – Joe Keaveny (D)
  • Senate District 16 – Dan Brown (R)

In state Senate District 2, Bob Onder (R) defeated Chuck Gatschenberger (R) and Vicki Schneider (R). Representatives from MCUA met with Senator-elect Onder prior to the election to discuss credit union issues and various other topics. Pictured (at right) from left to right are Mike O'Brien, St. Louis Community Credit Union; Laura Alfeldt, First Community Credit Union; Bob Onder; David Kent, MCUA; and John Thomas, MCUA.

For information on specific races and candidates, contact David Kent, director of State Legislative Affairs, by email or call 800.392.3074, ext. 1343.

Federal Primary Election Winners

In Missouri’s Congressional delegation, five of the eight incumbents faced primary opponents, with all five winning. The focus now turns to the November 4 general election. Below is a list of candidates for the general election races.

  • District 1 - Incumbent Lacy Clay (D) vs. Daniel Elder (R)
  • District 2 - Incumbent Ann Wagner (R) vs. Arthur Lieber (D)
  • District 3 – Incumbent Blaine Luetkemeyer (R) vs. Courtney Denton (D)
  • District 4 – Incumbent Vicky Hartzler (R) vs. Nate Irvin (D)
  • District 5 – Incumbent Emanuel Cleaver (D) vs. Jacob Turk (R)
  • District 6 – Incumbent Sam Graves (R) vs. Bill Hedge(D)
  • District 7 – Incumbent Billy Long (R) vs. Jim Evans (D)
  • District 8 - Incumbent Jason Smith (R) vs. Barbara Stocker

​​Pictured (at right) are Emanuel Cleaver (D-District 5) and Don Cohenour, president/CEO of MCUA.

State Special Election Twist

In House District 120, Shawn Sisco (R) won a special election and will represent the district during veto session in September.  In a strange twist, however, Sisco lost his bid in the primary election, meaning he will only serve during veto session before the winner of the primary will take over in January.  There were two other special elections on August 5, in House Districts 67 and 151.  Candidates who won the special election in these districts also won their primary.

Other Considerations on the Primary Ballot

In addition to elections for public office, voters were asked to consider five amendments to the state's constitution. Here are the results of those amendments:

  • Constitutional Amendment 1 (Right to Farm) - Passed
  • Constitutional Amendment 5 (Gun Rights) - Passed
  • Constitutional Amendment 7 (Sales Tax for Highways) - Failed
  • Constitutional Amendment 8 (Veterans Lottery Ticket) - Failed
  • Constitutional Amendment 9 (Unreasonable Search and Seizures) - Passed

To learn more about these ballot measures, click here.

For more information on state races, contact David Kent, director of State Legislative Affairs, by email or call 800-392-3074 ext. 1343. For more information on federal races, contact Amy McLard, SVP Advocacy, by email.