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Kansas City Credit Union Installs ATM at KCMO Water Department

After a lot of hard work from both parties involved, Kansas City Credit Union (KCCU) was granted permission to have an ATM installed at the KCMO Water Department on 4800 East 63rd Street in Kansas City, MO.

The actual installation date was July 15. This was an exciting day for the credit union, as well as the employees and customers of the water department.

“Our employees and customers have always wanted an ATM to be placed in our lobby, but we had been turned down before by a bank," says Kandi Patterson, senior accountant for KCMO Water Services. "When KCCU approached us with the idea – we jumped at the opportunity! To see it actually come to fruition is very exciting."

Patterson commented that the key point is the convenience it brings to customers. This will give them the ability to withdrawal money to pay their water bills when needed.

Many of the employees and customers of the water department are members of KCCU, so the ATM gives them quick access to their money – without having to pay a fee.

And while nonmembers won't have free access to their money, they will pay a lower ATM fee than those charged by most other financial institutions.

Caption 1: The new ATM in the offices of the KCMO Water Department. 

Caption 2: The exterior of KCMO Water Department.