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Nixon Signs 4 MCUA Supported Bills

Four out of the five bills supported by the Missouri Credit Union Association during the 2014 legislative session will become law on August 28. Governor Jay Nixon (D) signed four of the bills and vetoed one by the July 14 deadline.  Overall, Nixon vetoed 33 bills - the most in a single year since he took office.

The signed bills include credit union protection against bad faith assertion of patent infringement (patent trolling) (SB 706); a consumer protection bill banning public employee pension transfers (HB 1217); a bill protecting a credit union’s lien priority over a condo association’s special assessment (HB 1218); and a credit card processing service contract bill (HB 1270).  

Governor Nixon vetoed the electronic lien release bill, HB 1999.  The bill would allow a lienholder who files a lien electronically on a motor vehicle or trailer to electronically release the lien.  Nixon’s veto letter cited concerns about a drafting error in the bill.  

"While it was disappointing to have the electronic lien release bill vetoed, it was a positive legislative session overall," says David Kent, director of state legislative affairs for MCUA.  "The Governor signed the majority of our priority bills, including the patent troll bill, and these bills will have an impact on credit union operations and service to members."

There is still an opportunity for HB 1999 to become law in 2014.  The Missouri General Assembly can override the governor's veto with a 2/3 majority vote in both the House and Senate.  Veto session takes place September 10.

Governor’s Actions on Other Bills of Interest

The Missouri General Assembly passed and sent 184 bills to the Governor for his consideration. Nixon signed 135 bills, vetoed 33 non-appropriation bills and allowed 3 bills to become law without his signature.  Nixon also line-item vetoed about 120 items in the budget (there were 13 appropriations bills) for fiscal year 2015, which began July 1.  For a full list of the Governor's actions, please click here.

Of the bills tracked and monitored by MCUA, the Governor signed 18 bills and vetoed 10.

Bills signed by the Governor include changes in the Uniform Commercial Code (HB 1376), making it a felony to file fraudulent documents with the intent to harass or defraud another person (HB 1412), garnishment bills, (SB 621 & SB 672), landlord/tenant actions (HB 1410 & SB 655) and bills dealing with unclaimed property (HB 1693 & HB 1075).

For a full list of MCUA tracked bills that were signed, please click here.

Bills vetoed by the Governor include a large omnibus agriculture bill with a provision dealing with foreign ownership of agricultural land (SB 506 - View the veto letter here & HB 1326 - view the veto letter here), the payday lending reform bill (SB 694 – view the veto letter here), an installment loan lender bill (SB 866 – view the veto letter here), and a number of tax reform bills (HB 1296HB 1865SB 509 (overrode during Regular session)SB 584, and SB 693),

For a full list of MCUA tracked bills that were vetoed, please click here.

Veto Session in September, Pre-Filing of Bills for 2015

MCUA Advocacy will be on hand for the veto session, which begins September 10 in Jefferson City.  Pre-filing of bills for the 2015 legislative session will begin in December. 

If you have any questions about legislation or MCUA’s 2014 advocacy efforts, please contact Amy McLard or David Kent.​