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Run Project Zip Code Before Hike the Hill

Credit union leaders are headed to Washington, D.C. in a few weeks for Missouri's Hike the Hill (June 17-19) - and credit unions across the state are asked to help demonstrate the credit union difference in Missouri by running Project Zip Code in May. So far, 47 credit unions have run Project Zip Code (PZC) - a secure computer program that helps determine the number of members your credit union has in each state and federal legislative district.

“When we are able to show lawmakers how many credit union members live in their district, it opens their eyes to the impact that credit unions have on their constituents,” explains Amy McLard, senior vice president of Advocacy for Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA). “We use Project Zip Code on both the state and federal level. When more credit unions run the program, it is a more accurate reflection of credit union membership. It demonstrates to lawmakers that they need to be aware of credit union issues and concerns - because their constituents are credit union members.”

Make sure your latest membership totals are presented to lawmakers by running the PZC program by May 30. No personal information is transmitted - only membership totals per legislative district and county are sent to the PZC site. Click here to see the list of the 47 credit unions that have already run Project Zip Code in May.

To download PZC 14.0, visit this website. Instructions and FAQs are included, and MCUA Advocacy is also available to troubleshoot any issues. If you have any questions or need assistance, contact David Kent via email or phone, 800.392.3074, ext. 1343.

Reminder: Hotel reservations and registrations for Missouri Hike the Hill are needed before May 30. Please contact Amy McLard via email or phone, 800.392.3074, ext. 1370.