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Kusnetzky’s Memory Still Lives On

Last year, the credit unions of Missouri lost a long-time credit union champion and advocate—Leon Kusnetzky. Leon’s dedication to supporting smaller credit unions inspired creation of the Leon Kusnetzky Memorial Fund, which is managed through the Missouri Credit Union Charitable Foundation (MCUCF).

Leon passionately embraced this mission wholeheartedly—from his first days of working with credit unions in the 1960s until just a month before his passing in May 2013. Credit unions in Missouri still benefit from Leon’s work.  He advocated for credit unions and helped improve legislation that impacted credit unions in Missouri. He assisted credit unions with legal matters. He was also instrumental in the development of CUSOs in Missouri.

“Leon would be proud of the Foundation for continuing his mission to help grow and support small credit unions,” says Carol Kusnetzky, Leon’s wife of 35 years. “Leon touched so many lives, and our family is grateful that the Leon Kusnetzky Memorial Fund will ensure that his work and memory lives on.”   

Leon’s family members have already made several generous donations to the fund, and they shared they intend to do so each year.   

“The Leon Kusnetzky Memorial Fund has made small credit union initiatives possible through Project SECURE,” says Maria Langston, MCUCF executive director. “Project SECURE supplies smaller credit unions with resources such as technical support and temporary staffing so employees can receive necessary training.”  

Even the smallest of credit unions make a difference in the lives of its members. If you believe this, please consider donating to the Leon Kusnetzky Memorial Fund.