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UPDATE TO MFFI FINANCIAL CRIMES SEMINAR: Consider Membership in Midwest Financial Fraud Investigators

Midwest Financial Fraud Investigators (MFFI) was formed by law enforcement and financial institution investigators in order to exchange information regarding individuals who engage in criminal activity. They have been extremely successful in identifying fraud rings, suspects and criminals, and thereby aiding in the prevention of fraud losses. The organization has also assisted with exigent investigations to include homicides, home invasions, child abductions and so on.

Approximately six months ago, MFFI collaborated with the Missouri Fusion Center, officially known as the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC). They created a private web portal for MFFI's use, as well as designated one of their analysts to provide assistance. As of now, they are one of two such non-profit organizations to form a collaboration with a state fusion center in the entire nation.

MFFI membership is only $25 annually. Some of the benefits of becoming a member include:

  • Access to the Members-Only MFFI Group Portal located on the MIAC website. The portal is to aid in the investigation, detection and prevention of fraud in Missouri and Western Illinois. An interactive website that allows photographs, a suspect gallery, crime trend analysis, a weekly bulletin and more.
  • Network with current members and regional investigators to identify criminal activity and who can connect you with their own developed nationwide investigative contacts.
  • Monthly criminal exchange meetings are held at 9 a.m. on the third Tuesday of every month at the Creve Coeur Police Department.

"Our credit union has been a member of MFFI for many, many years," says Kathleen Krauss, assistant vice president of Card Services at Neighbors Credit Union. "It is a great place to go and share information, learn about the newest 'fraud' schemes, and get to know law enforcement. The members are made up of many types of financial institutions, law enforcement, merchants, and the department of revenue, etc. Every member has a different perspective on fraud and on how they either catch it or prevent it. We have found it to be very beneficial and would highly recommend to everyone."

MFFI can be found on the MIAC website, which is secured and protected by the Missouri Highway Patrol. However, only members can access MFFI's private web portal.

Membership is primarily all levels of law enforcement (state, local and federal), retail loss prevention managers (investigations, not floor walkers) and the investigators, corporate security and compliance managers for the financial industry.

MFFI will host a financial crimes seminar on June 24-25 at the Creve Coeur Police Department - Multipurpose Room. To find out more information, click here.