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Project Zip Code Month in Missouri in May

Do lawmakers from your area realize how many of your credit union members live in their districts?  When credit union leaders show state and federal legislators their Project Zip Code results – the response is clear.

“We always have to give lawmakers time to look through the Project Zip Code report before we discuss other topics,” says Amy McLard, Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA) SVP of Advocacy.  “They are often amazed at the numbers, especially those lawmakers who don’t have many, if any, brick and mortar credit union locations in their districts.  It’s a great reminder that their constituents are credit union members and they need to be aware of credit union concerns and issues.”

Make sure your latest membership numbers are included in these totals by running Project Zip Code during Missouri’s designated PZC month in May. MCUA sent PZC letters to member credit unions on April 18, asking all to run Project Zip Code 14.0 by May 31.  This information will be used during Missouri’s Hike the Hill June 17-19, federal in-district meetings in August, state legislative meetings, and during the election season.

PZC is a secure computer program that helps determine the number of members your credit union has in each state and federal legislative district.  Only membership totals per legislative district and county are transmitted to the PZC site.  No information on individual members is shared.  In addition to the legislative benefit, PZC also helps credit unions track their membership growth and plan for future expansion.

To download PZC 14.0, visit  The website includes a user manual and frequently asked questions.  MCUA Advocacy is also available to handle questions and troubleshoot PZC issues.  If you have any questions or need assistance, contact Jane Ralls at 800.392.3074, ext. 1305 or via email.




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