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River Region Donates Two Copier/Scanners

River Region Credit Union (Jefferson City) has recently donated two copier/scanners to help assist small credit unions. The two credit unions that received them are Northeast Regional in Hannibal and UBC in St. Louis (low-income designation). Both credit unions are under $2 million in assets. Previously, they did not have access to copiers/scanners of this magnitude. Both recipients are also part of the CDFI project. 

"We are so grateful for the copier donation from River Region Credit Union," says Tracy Lennox, president of Northeast Regional Credit Union. "We have been using a small scanner that is 10 years old. This donation is going to make a huge, positive impact in our office. Thank you River Region!"

In the near future, the Missouri Credit Union Association's Office of Small Credit Unions intends to put a list together of items that smaller credit unions are looking for to match the resources/donations of larger credit unions. 

For more information about donating items or if you're in need of items to be donated, contact Kevin Shaw via email.