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6 Reasons Your CU Should Instagram

As social media gains traction, there are a number of other platforms that keep popping up. Facebook is a clear must-have for credit unions, but where should they go next? Simple! It’s Instagram.

Here’s why…

  1. It’s easy. The photo-sharing platform is so simple to use. Anyone with a smartphone can start an account in less than five minutes. You just need a profile pic and brief bio. You can pull all of this from your Facebook profile.
  2. Doesn’t require daily maintenance. This isn’t Facebook or Twitter, if you forget to post something to Instagram for a few weeks, it won’t kill you.
  3. Perfect for events, holidays, etc. Did your credit union decorate the lobby for the holidays? Maybe you had a booth at a local trade show. There is a filter for literally every situation on Instagram.
  4. Share to Facebook from your phone! You don’t have to repost a photo to individual platforms. Once you’ve linked your social accounts, you can share the photo to all platforms at one time.
  5. It’s growing fast! It is THE fastest growing social media platform of 2013. 
  6. It’s popular among teens. There have been many rumors that teens are leaving Facebook by the masses (which is actually NOT true), but Instagram still has its “cool” factor. Teens and millennials are multi-platform users and this is just another way to reach them, minus obstacles like the dreaded Facebook algorithm.

So let’s get visual! If you need help creating an Instagram account, please consult this how-to guide or contact Nora Holloway, Public Relations and Online Community director via email or phone, 314.542.1349.

What about Twitter?

While there are many advantages to Twitter, it really isn’t for every credit union. Before your credit union jumps on that bandwagon do a little recon. Make sure that your preferred audience is using the platform and that you have time to devote to tweeting on a daily basis. 

You should also develop a list of reasons for why you would use the platform. For example, community-based credit unions could use the platform to share events, interact with local business partners and stay tuned into their community’s interests.