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MCUA's Jefferson City Office Hosts Two Receptions

The Missouri Credit Union Association’s Jefferson City office opened its doors for three legislators at two different receptions this week.  This was the ninth and tenth legislative event held at Credit Union House in Jefferson City since the start of session on January 8.

Representative Jon Carpenter (D-District 15) held a reception on March 24. Rep. Carpenter is a long-time member of Northland Teachers Community Credit Union and also is a 2012 Credit Union Champion. Rep. Carpenter has spoken on a number of bills affecting credit unions, including in favor of HB 478 (the credit union bill) in 2013. According to Project Zip Code, there are 10,490 credit union members residing in District 15.

"The event Monday at Missouri Credit Union Association was a big success with a lot of people and good food," said Representative Carpenter.  "It's a real honor to have the support of my credit union friends!"

Representatives Kurt Bahr (R-District 102) and Rick Brattin (R-District 55) welcomed friends and supporters for their reception on March 25. Both Representatives were first elected in 2010. According to Project Zip Code, there are 11,800 credit union members in District 102 and 5,535 credit union members in District 55.

"I want to thank the Missouri Credit Union Association for hosting this fundraiser," said Representative Bahr.  "The convenience of your location as well as your catering of the event made it an effective, effortless and efficient event.  I look forward to holding another event at your place in the future."

Photo:  Representative Rick Brattin; David Kent, director of state legislative affairs for MCUA; Representative Kurt Bahr.