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Coming Soon: A New Layout for Facebook Pages

Your credit union Facebook page will have a new look in 2014. Facebook recently announced the change for all business page accounts, affecting the appearance of the timeline. By now, several of you have probably even been prompted to sign up to try the new design.

Facebook has not released the exact date that these changes will take effect, but the highlights of what you can expect are listed below.

This redesign will feature a more simplified look—the current staggered two-column layout will change to one that is more similar to personal profiles. The page’s timeline will be the larger column at the right, while the business details, photos and “About” information will be located at the left.

In addition, the tabs that we have all come to rely on will now be listed under the “More” dropdown menu (under the cover photo). Marketers currently use these tabs for contests, customized landing pages and to direct fans to their other social media platforms.

On a positive note, the new design makes key metrics easier to see (top right corner of page). For example, it reminds you how many ads you have running, page likes, post reach and new notifications. Admin tools and Insights will be located at the top left of your page.

A valuable new feature will be the “Pages to Watch” section. This will be accessible through the Insights panel. You’ll be able to check out the metrics,  page likes, new likes and weekly engagement numbers, of similar pages. You might use this information to alter what types of content you post to your page. For example, if you notice that a key competitor is succeeding with photo posts, you might decide to post more images from your credit union page.

If you have any questions about social media, please contact Nora Holloway, MCUA PR and Online Community director, via email or phone 314.542.1349.

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