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35 Years & Counting: Neighbors Celebrates Employee, Bridgette Elliott

Neighbors Credit Union has many dedicated employees and members to the credit union. One in particular is employee, Bridgett Elliott. She started working at Neighbors Credit Union in 1979 at only 20 years old as a floating teller. 

“I love how each member walks out of our branch feeling good, knowing that they received excellent service from me and my staff,” says Elliot. She has been with the credit union for 35 years and has loved every second of it.

Elliott may have started out as teller, but she had bigger plans in store for Neighbors. She quickly worked her way up from a teller to a members services representative to an administrative assistant to a branch manager. She managed four branches during her time with Neighbors, currently overseeing the Jennings location.

“Bridgett puts her heart and soul into everything she does, and it really shows through her work," says Becky Buehl, vice president of Marketing. "She has loyal members who come into the credit union just to see her. We are lucky to have her at Neighbors.”

Over the years, Elliott has built up a long list of accomplishments at Neighbors. One of her most gratifying moments was when she created the Postal Select Employee Group in 1989, which consisted of visiting all the postal credit unions and educating employees and members about credit unions in general. 

She was very thankful for Larry Giesing, former CEO of Neighbors Credit Union, for allowing her to grow and really shine in her positions. In addition, Bridgett has worked consistently with the charity St. Vincent Home for Children and has raised $8,000 with the credit union over the years she has been manager. She even held a “Christmas Candy Land Dinner” event for some of the members on behalf of St. Vincent’s. 

She received her latest award, the “Outstanding Community Service” award, in January 2013. It was presented to her by the North County Community Development Corporation. Only three people were picked and Neighbors was the only financial institution up for the award. Elliott was more than excited to have won and hung the plaque in here office.

Elliott spent two years as co-chairman for the St. Vincent Home for Children. She won "Best Credit Union/Customer Service" award in 2001 from the North County Chamber. She enjoys attending the events that Neighbors participates in regularly and setting up presentations at local churches and schools, where they teach financial literacy.

Elliott thanks everyone she has crossed paths with at Neighbors especially John Servos, CEO; Roseanne Gramling, senior vice president of Operations; Becky Buehl, vice president of Marketing; and Denise Brady, vice president of Sales and Service.

“Great mentors make great employees and I feel that these people have helped me become who I am today and I have them to thank for many of my accomplishments,” says Elliott.