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How Important is Loan Portfolio Analysis?

Portfolio Analytics from ValueCheck offers a comprehensive solution for evaluating loan portfolios of first and second mortgages, auto loans, and other consumer loans. Portfolio Analytics gives you reassurance of knowing how your loans are performing, as well as provides actionable steps to identify potential risks and explore new marketing opportunities. 

An Actionable View of Your Loan Portfolio
Get an actionable view of the credit union's loan portfolio to identify risks and explore marketing opportunities. With ValueCheck Portfolio Analytics, a credit union has a full portfolio analysis monitoring solution that includes all aspects of the loan data including credit scores, collateral valuation, and borrower specific trends. 

A Robust Database and an Intuitive Web Application 
Portfolio Analytics provides a step-by-step workflow to migrate and clean portfolio data, combined with an intuitive web application that offers secure, 24/7 access to easy-to-understand reports. Gain clear visibility into potential risk and market exposure.

ValueCheck Portfolion Analyics includes a suite of reports and charts, providing insightful views of the credit unions loan portfolio, with full views in the following categories: concentration analysis, portfolio risk analysis, migration trend analysis, negativie equity, high risk loans, negative equity, low risk loans, HELOC analysis, FICO drop > 10 percent, and CLTV deterioration > 10 percent.

For more information, contact your MCUA field representative.