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Bankers Take Aim at Credit Union Tax Status

Bankers are sending social media messages to members of the Missouri Congressional delegation attacking the credit union tax status. Using the #Time2Pay hashtag, bankers are directing an increased number of tweets to legislative offices. (See right.)

The Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA) encourages Missouri’s credit unions to use the “Don’t Tax My Credit Union” initiative to send their own messages and remind members of Congress about the credit union tax status and its importance to consumers. 

“With a new year underway, it is a good idea to share the Don’t Tax My Credit Union message with Missouri’s federal lawmakers – even if you sent a message last year,” says Amy McLard, MCUA SVP of Advocacy. “Please encourage your staff, volunteers and members to re-iterate this concern with members of Congress. We don’t want bankers to be the only voice lawmakers hear on this issue moving forward.”

Visit the Don't Tax My Credit Union website and send the “Don’t Tax My Credit Union!” message today.

In addition to sending emails directly to legislative offices, the DTMCU website also provides a way to send tweets directly to members of Congress. Be sure to tag members of Congress on any #DTMCU posts so they receive the tweets and Facebook posts. To help you use tags in Facebook and Twitter, MCUA created this handout that provides the contact information for each member of the Missouri delegation in social media. 

MCUA encourages messages in advance of the Credit Union National Association Governmental Affairs Conference (GAC), which takes place February 23-27 in Washington, D.C. Missouri credit union leaders will meet with members of the Missouri Congressional delegation during the GAC on Capitol Hill.

For more information, contact Amy McLard at 314.542.1370 or email.