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MO Participation Needed in Data Breach Surveys

Credit unions in Missouri are asked to participate in two data breach surveys. One is a national survey through the Credit Union National Association to track the impact of the massive Target data breach during the 2013 holiday season. The other is a survey to assess the final impact of the Schnucks data breach, which had a substantial impact on many credit unions in Missouri.

Data breach is gaining traction in the U.S. House and Senate. Congressional hearings and briefings on the data breach issue are in the process of being scheduled on Capitol Hill. There are several bills concerning consumer data breach that were introduced, with more expected. Credit unions in Missouri are in a unique position to provide both national and state-specific examples of data breach impact.

Take Action

The Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA) sent credit union presidents links to surveys regarding both the Schnucks and Target data breaches on January 15. Your responses are requested by the following dates:

  • Schnucks - January 23, 2014  (If you did not receive the survey link, please contact Amy McLard, MCUA SVP of Advocacy, at 314.542.1370 or email.)
  • Target - Take this survey as soon as your credit union can estimate the impact 

Why participate? 

The Target data breach survey will provide a nationwide perspective, and Missouri’s input is needed to provide an accurate picture of the situation. Additionally, Missouri’s federal lawmakers have requested information on the overall impact of the Schnucks data breach on credit unions in the state. To provide a comprehensive report using the same input data, MCUA requests all credit unions to fill out the Schnucks survey.

"We recognize that some credit unions may have previously provided information about the Schnucks data breach and its impact," says McLard. "By participating in this specific survey, credit unions helps ensure the data MCUA collects is consistent and our Congressional delegation receives the most comprehensive report possible. Staff in Missouri's Congressional offices have already asked me when this information will be available, so there is definite interest in getting our credit unions' perspective."

Additional questions?

Contact McLard, MCUA SVP of Advocacy, at 314.542.1370 or email