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January TweetUp Tuesday Recap

The Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA) hosted the second TweetUp Tuesday on January 14 at the Blue Sky Tower Grill in Brentwood.

This social media meeting covered a number of topics, including content creation. The main concern was finding quality content in a timely manner.  Several people suggested setting calendar reminders throughout the day to remind them to check their credit union’s social media accounts. Being effective on social media requires a lot of time and dedication—stellar social media accounts are responsive and share timely content that requires daily attention.

Also, credit unions shouldn’t shy away from spotlighting employees or community events. Members (and potential) members want to make a connection with the people that work at the credit union. A great way to accomplish this is to highlight an employee. Permission must be gained from the employee; one credit union suggested that all new hires signed a release for these purposes. MCUA offered to provide a template for staff posts.

In addition, the majority of attendees shared that they were not in favor of scheduling content more than a couple of days ahead of time. They cited that a breaking news story could drastically change the context of a scheduled update. For example, this story about a fashion brand tweeting about its Aurora dress during the height of the Aurora movie theater tragedy. 

If you do prefer to schedule in advance, its suggested you review updates daily to ensure that they cannot be misconstrued—or shorten that window to schedule content to just a few days, not a week.

To help with content creation, editorial calendars are very useful. MCUA shared two types of editorial calendar: its own and one that helps keep focus on main credit union topics. Attendees were encouraged to review their editorial calendars to see if theirs incorporated the same information.

Other notable points of conversation included:

  • The audience should always be forefront in the minds of credit unions when scheduling updates. Fans and followers should not be bombarded with updates that do not concern them. 
  • If you schedule content in Facebook, link updates can be edited in the “Activity Log” as long as you are using Facebook from your personal account.
  • TweetDeck is alive and kicking. Several people utilize this service to plan content, evaluate tweet performance and schedule content.
  • The 80/20 ratio for content is still relevant—80 percent quality, funny or consumer-friendly updates and 20 percent promotional or service-focused content.
  • MCUA will be hosting a webinar on strategy steps and tips on how to evaluate social media accounts on January 22 at 2 p.m. 

Save the date for February 11. Alliance Credit Union (Fenton) has offered to host the next TweetUp Tuesday that will tentatively be held at the Kirkwood Station Brewing Company—more details to come!

If you have any questions about TweetUp Tuesdays or social media at large, please contact Nora Holloway, MCUA Public Relations and Online Community Director, via email or at 314.542.13149.

Caption: TweetUp Tuesday attendees get down to business and talk social media. 




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