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Sprint CU Member Discount Program Increases Member Loyalty

If you’re looking for an easy way to boost your bottom line, the Sprint Credit Union Member Discount Plan might just be the answer. Your credit union has the opportunity to provide members with additional services while earning returns by joining the program.

Through Invest in America, you and your members have access to discounted Sprint wireless service, including national rates on coast-to-coast coverage, discounted monthly fees, and waived activation and upgrades. Your business members will also have access to equipment discounts.

More than 1,300 credit unions and millions of credit union members are already enjoying the benefits of the Credit Union Member Discount program. You qualify by simply doing the following things each year:

  • One quarterly insert mailing in October, January, April or July
  • Display “take one” brochures in the lobby of each branch
  • Publish two newsletter articles
  • Display Sprint link on your website

It is really that simple. It’s based on the number of members you have, not the number of members on the program. As an added bonus, having your members on the Sprint program creates a new relationship with them – increasing member loyalty. It’s the perfect time for you to join in.

If you would like more information about this program, contact your MCUA field representative.