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Missouri Central Joins CUSB Network

Missouri’s Credit Union Shared Branch (CUSB) Network now has 47 participating credit unions!

Missouri Central Credit Union (MCCU) recently signed the shared branch participant and outlet agreements. MCCU is headquartered at 825 N.E. Deerbrook Street in Lee’s Summit.

“Missouri Central Credit Union is excited to offer shared branch services to our members,” says Glenna Osborn, MCCU CEO and president. “There are numerous benefits—it’s like opening 5,000 branches without incurring brick and mortar expenses. We anticipate this will help with member retention.”

Osborn shared that MCCU members are extremely mobile. Shared branch allows them to have access to their accounts, whether they’re on vacation, business trips or attending school in or out of state. 

In addition to member satisfaction, Osborn also shared how the CUSB Network would assist MCCU members during unforeseen circumstances, such as a natural disaster. 

“Missouri Central Credit Union doesn’t have branches, so shared branching is an important part of our disaster recovery,” continues Osborn. For example, if MCCU had to close temporarily, its members could use nearby credit unions in the CUSB Network until MCCU opened again.

The credit union will officially offer the shared branch services in early 2014.

Click here more information on the CUSB Network and shared branching. 

Caption: Missouri Central Credit Union is located at 825 N.E. Deerbrook Street in Lee's Summit.