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Do Your Members Need Financial Counseling?

Sometimes it can be difficult to identify members who are struggling financially until it is too late. This can be burdensome on credit unions and their members. Most importantly, it can stress the relationship between both parties. The Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA) has partnered with Accel Members Financial Counseling and CUNA Strategic Services to help address this concern.

Through this partnership, credit unions can help increase member loyalty, provide financial solutions and minimize credit union loan losses, all while providing financial well-being to members.

Accel offers services that benefit both credit unions that are considering adding a financial counseling element to their services and those with an existing program in place. Partnering with Accel has enabled credit unions to receive free online access to a secure partner portal full of educational tools, monthly reports showing data related to members who have utilized Accel's services and best practices for a successfully implemented financial counseling program.

Members appreciate these services because they enjoy unlimited access to Accel counselors without an additional cost.

To learn more about this product, please contact your MCUA field representative or click here for more details.