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Credit Union Expert Gives Viewers Financial Tips

Keeping those financial resolutions is no easy task, which is why local television show, “Missouri Viewpoints,” explored the topic on a recent broadcast. It featured advice from Rachel Parrent, Community Engagement manager at Vantage Credit Union (Bridgeton). 

As part of her position, Parrent helps Missourians get their budgets and finances back on track.

“It’s [money] such a hard thing to get a hold of; it’s very easy to let go of but it’s very hard to get,” says Parrent during the interview. “So, I think the challenge for people is learning how to control what they have instead of worrying about ‘how much more can I achieve and how much more can I receive from my job or from other jobs, odd jobs, how can I control what I already have.’ I think a lot of us want to live in denial.”

Parrent explained that the first step is to honestly assess personal finances, such as income, expenses, debt and so on. Another step is to establish financial goals.

“I think the first place you need to start is figuring out what’s important to you.”

Check out the full episode of “Missouri Viewpoints” here.

Segments from Missouri Viewpoints are broadcast via television and radio stations throughout the state. Click here for an on-air guide. The Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA) works with Missouri Viewpoints to feature credit union representatives on the show. If you would like to be considered for an interview, please email Halley Hayden, MCUA vice president of Communications. Interviews take place in St. Charles, Mo.  

Caption: Host Mike Ferguson interviews Parrent during the latest broadcast of "Missouri Viewpoints."