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Auto Club Webinar Invitation

Discover what credit union Auto Club can do for your credit union with this free informational webinar, 2 p.m. CST on December 11, 2013. Click here to register. Invest in America's credit union Auto Club can give your members outstanding roadside assistance coverage as well as make auto loans easier at your credit union. And now your credit union can save $10 on each member enrollment. Plus, you can earn valuable marketing reimbursements with each membership purchased. 

When you use the credit union Auto Club promotional portal, your credit union can purchase up to 100 memberships all in one transaction — with a $10 discount on each regular membership. This exclusive savings can be used as a value-added premium at your credit union for things like auto lending campaigns, new member acquisition gifts or even staff recognition. 

Register today to find out more about Invest in America's credit union Auto Club program.