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State Credit Union Leaders DTMCU Efforts Highlighted

Credit union leaders from Missouri are featured in a Credit Union National Association (CUNA) Inside Exchange episode highlighting the Don’t Tax My Credit Union (DTMCU) efforts and the importance of credit union action.

Vantage Credit Union’s Randy Yeck, along with Rick Schier and Pat Yokley from CommunityAmerica Credit Union, participated in the interviews about the credit union tax status fight taking place in Congress.

“This is a critical time for credit unions,” says Schier. “If we’re taxed it’s going to change a lot of credit unions. As a matter of fact, there will probably be a lot of credit unions that won’t be in existence going forward.”

The credit union representatives also explain the importance of credit unions’ support of the Don’t Tax My Credit Union effort – and engaging credit union members.

“We getting strong feedback [from members],” says Yeck. “We’re not seeing them out there carrying banners and posters for us yet, but it’s pretty strong—they’re pretty supportive.  This process of learning about it [the credit union tax status] as we go through it is making them stronger members.”

Yokley urges credit unions to give their members the opportunity to weigh in on the credit union tax issue. “If we don’t win here, those credit unions that haven’t engaged won’t be credit unions anymore without the tax exemption,” says Yokley. “And the members of those credit unions are going to be really disappointed that they didn’t get a chance to show their support of the exemption.”

The Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA) worked with CUNA to coordinate interviews during Missouri’s Hike the Hill. The video was released December 4. To see the full video, visit this page.  

Click here to take Don’t Tax My Credit Union action with lawmakers. Credit union resources are available in the Credit Union Tax Status Advocacy Toolkit or by contacting MCUA via email or 314.542.1370. A CUNA password is required to access the toolkit.